[pulseaudio-discuss] Front mic not working properly

Stefan Klug Klug.Stefan at gmx.de
Mon Dec 17 07:17:40 PST 2012

Am 17.12.2012 13:57, schrieb Raymond Yau:
> >
> > Hi everybody,
> >
> > I'm totally stuck with a sound problem I fail to debug on my own.
> > Please tell me if my question should be directed to ubuntu or to 
> this list.
> >
> > My setup:
> > Asus P5Q Motherboard with Realtec ALC1200 soundchip. Stereo speakers 
> plugged in to the rear output and headphone speaker/mic combo plugged 
> in to the front jacks. System: Ubuntu 12.10
> > Desired behaviour: Sound is played back on headphones AND rear 
> speaker. Front mic should "just-work"
> >
> > Problem 2:
> > This is the biggest problem.
> > As soon as I plug in the front mic, Inside gnome-alsamixer the 
> volume for master, surround,center,lfe start to jump between on and 
> off. Why is the Front mic jack controlling these values? How can I 
> debug this behaviour? I just want them to stay the same, if the mic is 
> plugged in or not.
> > Inside the gnome volume settings, the output port starts to jump 
> between "Analog Output" and "Analog Headphones"
> >
> This look like problem in Jack detection of the headphone and Mic Jack 
> of front audio panel
> alsamixer -c0
> Does the playback switch change rapidly on and off in alsamixer ?
> Do your computer chassis have a hda front audio panel and you connect 
> them to the front audio connector of the motherboard according to the 
> user manual ?
> Does it help if you disabled the automute switch ?
Thanks a lot. Your input helped me to at least work around the problem. 
My chassis has a HDA and an AC97 connector. The HDA connector was 
plugged in and correctly configured in BIOS.
I now use the AC97 connector (and changed the BIOS settings) and 
everything is working properly.

Regarding your questions: Disabling automute didn't help. And yes, the 
playback switch toggled rapidly.

One thing I didn't test: I mistakenly plugged the rear speaker into the 
front channel jack (plugging the green connector into a green jack 
seemed so obvious). I don't know is this is the same channel as the 
headphone connector on the front panel...

In AC97 mode it doesn't matter if I use the front channel jack or the 
rear channel jack (both at the rear of the computer) to connect my main 

Cheers Stefan

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