[pulseaudio-discuss] [ANNOUNCE] PulseAudio 3.0

Arun Raghavan arun.raghavan at collabora.co.uk
Mon Dec 17 23:37:33 PST 2012

Hi folks,
I'm pleased to announce that PulseAudio 3.0 is now out!

For those of you following the release candidates, there has been only
one minor commit since 2.99.3. A full set of release notes is up at
(props to Tanu for populating most of it):


The tl;dr version for the lazy is: easier setup when your device is a
Bluetooth source, some ARM NEON optimisations, configurable latency
offsets, ALSA UCM support for embedded folks, and a _lot_ of other fixes
and infrastructure changes.

Packagers, please do look at the packaging section on the wiki for some
changes that you should be aware of.

Tarballs are at:

MD5: cc6e7cafff9249c5066263ee578662de
SHA1: 875ee8c39bb8413007004ffd31f6b35d6508a194

Our thanks go out to all contributors, old and new, for being awesome
and contributing to PulseAudio. Special mentions for our 3 GSoC students
whose work is also included in this release. We hope to continue seeing
their names in the shortlog in future releases.

A new version of Pavucontrol will follow soon, exposing some of the new
features that have been added in recent times.



Andika Triwidada (1):
      i18n: Add Indonesian translation.

Arti Trivedi Bora (4):
      modules: Use pa_streq instead of strcmp.
      pulsecore: Use pa_streq instead of strcmp.
      tests: use pa_streq instead of strcmp
      daemon: use pa_streq instead of strcmp

Arun Raghavan (68):
      sink-input,source-output: Avoid unneccessary rate updates
      role-cork: Fix a minor leak
      core-util: Add a pa_split_in_place() string utility function
      core-util: Make pa_make_secure_dir() act like mkdir -p
      auth: Create cookie directory if it doesn't exist
      pactl: Print sink-input/source-output corked status
      glib: Stop using g_source_get_current_time()
      core-util: Fix permissions handling while creating directories
      Revert "role-cork: Fix a minor leak"
      role-cork: Fix incorrect check at deinitialisation time
      Revert "Revert "role-cork: Fix a minor leak""
      role-cork: Fix another minor leak
      alsa: Allow channel count probe on open by mapping
      alsa: Add a proplist to mappings
      alsa: Add separate sinks/sources for UCM modifiers if needed
      i18n: Remove module-hal-detect reference in POTFILES
      echo-cancel: Print what AEC engine is being used
      build: Avoid libstdc++ dep for module-echo-cancel if possible
      i18n: module-coreaudio-device now has some translatable strings
      build: Fix distcheck failure on libwebrtc-util
      tests: Factor out Orc test code into cpu-test
      tests: Make cpu-test less verbose
      build: Merge bluez pkg-config checks into one
      Revert "build: Merge bluez pkg-config checks into one"
      stream: Allow record streams to start muted
      core: Separate ARM CPU detection from initialisation
      tests: Factor out ARM svolume test into cpu-test
      tests: Minor cpu-test reorganisation
      core: Document ARM-optimised svolume code a bit
      core: Fix a litte-endian bug in ARM svolume code
      tests: Add a copyright header to cpu-test
      tests: Factor out core sconv test code in cpu-test
      tests: Reorganise cpu-test to reuse code
      tests: Add a basic sanity test to sconv cpu-test
      tests: Run sconv tests with multiple alignments
      build-sys: Add volume code to libpulsecommon
      sconv: Fix NEON sconv rounding code
      tests: Allow off-by-one error in sconv test
      tests: Increase sconv cpu-test timeout
      tests: Print average outer-loop iteration time in cpu-test
      tests: Minor cpu-test fixes for non-NEON builds
      core: Fix warning on non-win32 builds
      tests: Run svolume test for various sample alignments
      tests: Make cpu-test less verbose
      tests: Run svolume on different channel counts
      tests: Fix a cpu-test debug message
      build-sys: Drop -Wvla from compiler flags
      tests: Minor alignment adjustment fix for cpu-test
      svolume: Fix ARM alignment issues
      Revert "core: adjust playing_for and underrun_for at rewind"
      build-sys: Bump soname
      i18n: Fix POTFILES for poll changes
      build-sys: Document libpulsecommon vs. libpulse duplication
      alsa: Drop verbosity on UCM message
      Revert "tests: modify alsa-time-test to use 'check' framework"
      introspect: Minor documentation fix
      man: Correction for how sample rate switching is disabled
      sink, source: Prevent unnecessary rate update attempts
      modules: Micro-optimisation for rewind_requested paths
      build-sys: Bump BlueZ dependency to 4.99
      build-sys: Bump soname
      build-sys: Drop ChangeLog generation
      source-output: Fix volume fixup for rate update
      sink-input, source-output: Check rate update success for passthrough
      core: Remove bad free() call
      alsa: Try to support non-standard rates in alsa-sink/source
      build-sys: Bump soname
      build-sys: Bump soname

Chan-yeol Park (1):
      bluetooth: Remove ipc.[ch] files in the bluetooth module

Colin Walters (1):
      git-version-gen: Honor GIT_DESCRIBE_FOR_BUILD environment variable

David Henningsson (22):
      once: Fix race causing pa_once to sometimes run twice
      alsa-mixer: Add special profiles for some laptops missing speaker and/or internal mic
      alsa-mixer: Add Phantom Jack support
      alsa-mixer: Always turn "Inverted Internal Mic" off
      alsa-mixer: Add "Front Headphone" jack
      alsa-mixer: Document "state.plugged" and "state.unplugged"
      alsa-mixer: Add "Front Headphone Jack" (fixup)
      alsa-mixer: Add "Headphone Mic" support for 3-pin ASUS netbooks
      resampler: Fix volume on downmix to mono
      alsa-mixer: Add "iec958-stereo-input" to well known path names
      flist: Increase default list size to 256
      alsa-mixer: Cache failure to open inputs/output mappings
      alsa-mixer: Remove analog-output-lfe-on-mono
      cli: Output asterisk when default sink/source is found
      alsa-sink/source: Warn for scheduling delays
      alsa-mixer: Don't let "Mic Jack Mode" alone create a "Line In" path
      alsa-mixer: Add a few more machines to internal mic whitelist
      alsa-mixer: Add "CLFE" and "Bass Speaker" names
      alsa-mixer: Prefer "Digital Input Source:Digital Mic 1"
      alsa udev quirks: Add some more Dell devices to speaker whitelist
      alsa-mixer: Add Dell Inspiron One 2020 to mic whitelist
      alsa-mixer: Add device.icon-name property for some common ports

Deng Zhengrong (48):
      cli: Add set-log-target command for pacmd
      daemon: use pa_streq instead of plain strcmp
      x11: fix the wrong parameter sequence in pax11publish
      build: Add gcov coverage support
      pacmd: add help info for 'set-log-target'
      xen: add the HAVE_CONFIG_H macro guard
      add a new log target that enables to create new log file if it exists
      bluetooth: add a parenthesis around pa_streq()
      man: document option `set-log-target`
      core: add more verbose error info
      build-sys: add `check` test framework
      tests: modify mix-test to use new 'check' test framework
      tests: add cpu test
      tests: modify mainloop-test to use new 'check' framework
      tests: modify utf8-test to use new 'check' test framework
      tests: modify strlist-test to use new 'check' framework
      build: add a target to ease the creation of coverage files
      tests: enable to test standalone pulseaudio daemon
      tests: modify volume_test to use new 'check' framework
      tests: modify usergroup-test to use 'check' test framework
      tests: modify format-test to use 'check' framework
      tests: modify get-binary-name-test to use 'check' framework
      tests: modify thread-test to use 'check' framework
      tests: modify thread-mainloop-test to use 'check' framework
      tests: modify alsa-time-test to use 'check' framework
      tests: modify asyncmsgq-test to new 'check' framework
      tests: modify asyncq-test to use 'check' framework
      tests: modify channelmap-tets to use 'check' framework
      tests: modify cpulimit-test to use 'check' framework
      tests: modify queue-test to use 'check' framework
      tests: modify connect-stress to use 'check' framework
      tests: modify memblock-test to use 'check' framework
      tests: modify proplist-test to use 'check' framework
      tests: modify memblockq-test to use 'check' framework
      tests: modify hook-list-test to use 'check' framework
      tests: modify extended-test to use 'check' framework
      tests: modify sync-playback to use 'check' framework
      tests: modify smoother-test to use 'check' framework
      tests: modify interpol-test to use 'check' framework
      tests: modify sigbus-test to use 'check' framework
      tests: modify sig2str-test to use 'check' framework
      tests: modify rtpoll-test to use 'check' framework
      tests: modify lock-autospawn-test to use 'check' framework
      tests: modify once-test to use 'check' framework
      tests: modify ipacl-test to use 'check' framework
      tests: fix the wrong library path in check-daemon
      tests: make 'check' optional
      build: fix Mac OS X configure process

Eero Nurkkala (2):
      alsa-sink: add missing header 'signal.h'
      alsa-source: add missing header 'signal.h'

Feng Wei (3):
      alsa: Integrate UCM basic functions
      alsa: Add UCM jack detection
      alsa: Catch role matched streams to enable/disable modifier

Flavio Ceolin (4):
      sink-input: Remove redundant check in pa_sink_input_request_rewind().
      modargs: New function: pa_modargs_get_value_double().
      pulse: Fix for volume documentation
      utils: Adding a function to get volume from string

Frédéric Dalleau (6):
      loopback: Enable routing on loopback streams
      bluetooth: module-bluetooth-policy initial commit
      pacmd: Display inputs and outputs PASSTHROUGH flag
      loopback: Cork sink-input if source is suspended
      loopback: Cork source-output if sink is suspended
      resampler: Fix crash if 'auto' resampler chooses ffmpeg with variable rate

Frédéric Danis (2):
      bluetooth: Fix crash on disconnection
      bluetooth: Fix bluetooth.nrec property not updated

Harsh Prateek Bora (2):
      modules: Use PA_IDXSET_FOREACH wherever applicable.
      pulsecore: Use PA_IDXSET_FOREACH wherever applicable.

Ismo Puustinen (2):
      ladspa: D-Bus interface for setting algorithm parameters on-the-fly.
      ladspa: Added a python script for testing.

Jan Alexander Steffens (heftig) (1):
      alsa-mixer: Actually install analog-input-headphone-mic.conf

Jarkko Nikula (2):
      alsa: move pa_alsa_setting_select close to pa_alsa_path_select
      alsa: Merge pa_alsa_setting_select with pa_alsa_path_select

Jarkko Suontausta (1):
      bluetooth: Release transport when the pa_rtpoll_run loop finishes.

Juho Hämäläinen (1):
      stream-restore: Add missing method handler argument.

Lennart Poettering (14):
      util: XDG_SESSION_COOKIE is unsuitable as session ID
      proplist: document new meaning of the session ID
      util: /etc/machine-id should be tried first, the D-Bus only as fallback for legacy systems
      util: use the return value of gethosid() as fallback, not the address of the function
      build-sys: readd stub makefiles to subdirectories to make building with emacs easier
      build-sys: remove HAL support, it's obsolete since years
      rtkit: update drop-in files
      context: get rid of really old runtime dir logic, i.e. break compat with >4y-old PA
      util: hook up pa_get_runtime_dir() with XDG_RUNTIME_DIR
      core-util: move configuration home directory from ~/,pulse to ~/.config/pulse to follow XDG basedir spec
      man: update man pages to only refer to the new place for the configuration files
      core-util: when searching for configuration files, honour XDG basedir spec
      auth: move cookie file to ~/.config/pulse/cookie
      gnome: start PA early in the gnome session

Luiz Augusto von Dentz (2):
      bluetooth: Remove built-in/static SBC codec
      bluetooth: Don't force any profile on discovery module

Marc-Antoine Perennou (1):
      udev: Don't use deprecated udev_get_*_path() functions

Martin-Éric Racine (1):
      manpage, finnish translation: fix spelling errors

Matthijs Kooijman (1):
      equalizer: Don't cleanup u->sink in sink_input_kill_cb yet

Mihai Moldovan (1):
      core-util: use the generic PATH_MAX variant of pa_realpath on Mac OS X

Mikel Astiz (67):
      bluetooth: Don't use the old socket IPC mechanism with BlueZ
      bluetooth: Refactor property parsing code
      bluetooth: Remove library for IPC to BlueZ
      bluetooth: Minor style fixes
      bluetooth: Consider different input and output MTU
      bluetooth: Avoid duplicating profile argument twice
      bluetooth: Replace deprecated ListAdapters()
      bluetooth: Replace deprecated ListDevices()
      bluetooth: Remove minor unnecessary check
      bluetooth: Minor style fix
      bluetooth: Fix missing state checks for a2dp_source
      bluetooth: Fix bluetooth.protocol property
      bluetooth: Trivial style fix
      bluetooth: Generalize module-bluetooth-policy
      bluetooth: Support HFGW in module-bluetooth-policy
      loopback: Disable adjust timer when suspended
      bluetooth: Remove return value of bt_transport_config()
      bluetooth: Remove return value of setup_stream()
      bluetooth: Refactor parsing of signal PropertyChanged
      bluetooth: Refactor code to helper function
      bluetooth: Fix wrongly set "phone" role for HFGW
      bluetooth: Fix using garbage memory
      bluetooth: Fix check if transport exists before acquire
      sink, source: Support creating suspended sinks and sources
      bluetooth: Provide dummy set_port callbacks
      bluetooth: Config MTU transport after acquire
      bluetooth: Support port availability flag
      bluetooth: Set profile even if transport not acquired
      bluetooth: Do not acquire transport during profile change
      bluetooth: Acquire transport when becomes available
      bluetooth: Release transport when not available
      bluetooth: Do not switch to HFGW automatically
      bluetooth: Let suspend-on-idle request audio in headset
      bluetooth: Add port availability transition policies
      bluetooth: Ignore Device.DisconnectRequested
      bluetooth: Trivial function rename
      bluetooth: Fix potential assertion failure
      bluetooth: Don't find device if set profile is off
      bluetooth: Release transport in stop_thread()
      bluetooth: Unlink sink-sources in stop_thread()
      bluetooth: Remove stream moving code
      bluetooth: Use assertions when setting off profile
      bluetooth: Check return value of init_profile()
      bluetooth: Check return value of start_thread()
      bluetooth: Remove const qualifier for transports
      bluetooth: Add hook to tell transport was removed
      bluetooth: Set to off if transport removed
      bluetooth: Set to off instead of failing module load
      bluetooth: Hold transport pointer while profile set
      bluetooth: Remove const qualifier for device
      bluetooth: Add hook to tell device was removed
      bluetooth: Self unload module-bluetooth-device
      bluetooth: Hold device pointer while module loaded
      bluetooth: Refactor code to create card profiles
      bluetooth: Refactor code to create profile ports
      card: Support adding profiles dynamically
      card: Support adding ports dynamically
      bluetooth: Add hook to announce late UUIDs
      bluetooth: Rename former device_is_audio()
      bluetooth: Run the discovery hook only when necessary
      bluetooth: Merge headset ports into one
      bluetooth: Disable profile auto-switch policy for headsets
      conf: Load bluetooth-policy module by default
      bluetooth: Trivially refactor to call setup_stream() directly
      bluetooth: Do not setup stream before thread starts
      bluetooth: Request headset audio during profile switch
      bluetooth: Fix unacquired transports during sink resume

Niels Ole Salscheider (3):
      virtual-surround: Add silence to hrir if necessary.
      virtual-surround: Limit the number of hrir samples.
      virtual-surround: check if resampled memblock is not equal to input

Paul Menzel (1):
      Fix spelling of separated: s, sepera, separa, g

Peter Meerwald (13):
      pipe: whitespace and log output cleanup
      pipe: check return value of mkfifo()
      memblock: Fix typos.
      build: Fix static linking
      core: Set volumes const in pa_do_volume_func_t
      modules: Add null/dummy echo canceller
      daemon: Fix redundant redeclaration warning
      svolume_arm: Fix a const warning.
      echo-cancel: Fix false warning in webrtc AEC.
      rtp: Fix warning using pa_assert_not_reached()
      core: Add ARM NEON optimized sample conversion code
      tests: Fix test description in cpu-test
      tests: Implement test code for ARM NEON sconv s16_to_float

Pierre-Louis Bossart (1):
      alsa: get avail, delay, timestamps in a single kernel call

Sjoerd Simons (2):
      build-sys: webrtc-utils needs to be installed before module-echo-cancel
      build-sys: Correct bluez support error if sbc is missing

Sjors Gielen (1):
      osx: Add a single "On" profile to coreaudio devices. Fixes crash on OS X.

Tanu Kaskinen (51):
      device-port: Create the profiles hashmap at initialization.
      device-port: Remove an out-of-date comment.
      native: Don't save device, volume or mute of new streams.
      sink, source: Fix setting the latency offset when the sink/source is unlinked.
      Fix a copy-paste error in PROTOCOL.
      pulse: Use more intuitive indexing with port infos in introspect.c.
      proplist: Change proplist_name_valid() to be public function pa_proplist_key_valid().
      tagstruct: Allow NULL proplist with pa_tagstruct_get_proplist().
      conf-parser: Pass parser state in a struct instead of function parameters.
      conf-parser: Pass parser state in a struct also for parse callbacks.
      conf-parser: Add support for parsing property lists.
      alsa-mixer: Add support for defining port property lists in the path configuration files.
      native: Send the actual port proplists with card info.
      pactl: Print card port properties with the "list" command.
      card: Don't crash if someone gives NULL name to pa_card_set_profile().
      sink, source: Always create a hashmap for ports.
      card: Ensure that there's always at least one profile.
      Assume that the profiles hashmap of ports is always non-NULL.
      Assume that the ports hashmap of cards is always non-NULL.
      card-restore: Handle reading NULL profile name from the database.
      alsa-mixer: Implement a new path option: "mute-during-activation".
      build-sys: Link utf8-test to libpulsecommon.
      Add comments referring to bug #53709.
      memblock: Add pa_memblock_acquire_chunk().
      object: Get rid of "warning: cast increases required alignment of target type"
      sink-input: Fix comment: s/push/peek/
      sink-input: Add a comment in pa_sink_input_request_rewind().
      sink: Remove an incorrect FIXME comment.
      bluetooth: Remove commented out code.
      .gitignore: Add cpu-test.
      rtp: Fix rtp_port reading.
      card: Store a pa_card pointer in pa_card_profile.
      build: Add a2dp-codecs.h to libbluetooth-util sources.
      memblockq: Fix the order of setting minreq and prebuf.
      resampler: Make sure that there are no overflows when multiplying potentially big numbers.
      loopback: Use the real sample spec once it's known.
      loopback: Don't fix the source output format/rate/channels.
      virtual-surround-sink: Fix setting max_request and max_rewind.
      combine: Keep the timer active in the null mode only when running.
      match: Use the SINK_INPUT_FIXATE hook instead of NEW.
      build: Add .gitignore files to EXTRA_DIST.
      device-restore: When restoring volume, print the restored volume to the log.
      build: Add PROTOCOL to EXTRA_DIST.
      pulse: Fix hole handling in pa_stream_peek().
      mainloop: Change wakeup_requested type from pa_bool_t to pa_atomic_t.
      mainloop: Don't care about the mainloop state variable when waking up the mainloop.
      sink: Process rewind requests also when suspended.
      bluetooth: Add a pa_bluetooth_discovery pointer to pa_bluetooth_device.
      bluetooth: Ignore Device.Connected
      bluetooth: Add helper pa_bluetooth_device_any_audio_connected()
      bluetooth: Unload device module when no audio profiles connected

Thomas Martitz (7):
      pacat: Enable binary mode on Windows.
      core: Transparently handle non-blocking sockets on Windows
      pacat: Replace read(), write() with pa_* equivalent.
      core: Slightly more helpful pa_cstrerror for unknown errors
      gccmacro: Disable printf-like format checking on mingw32 compilers.
      core: Proper poll() emulation to fix pacat and friends on Windows
      core-util: Don't error out on existing runtime directory.

Uoti Urpala (2):
      sink-input: Fix underrun_for calculation when resampling.
      core: adjust playing_for and underrun_for at rewind

Wieland Hoffmann (1):
      man pulse-daemon.conf: Correct typoes

poljar (8):
      pacmd: Added --help and --version descriptions to the man page.
      native: Use foreach to iterate trough modules.
      pactl: Add unloading modules by name.
      pacmd: Add unloading modules by name.
      bluetooth: Add ports to the bluetooth sink/source
      device-port: Add a latency variable to the port struct
      sink, source: Add a latency offset which is inherited from the port
      pacmd: Add functions to handle the latency offset

poljar (Damir Jelic) (2):
      introspect: Add functions to handle the latency offset.
      pactl: Add set-latency-offset command.

poljar (Damir Jelić) (5):
      device-port: Change the latency offset type to a signed int.
      conf-parser: Initialize the state to zero immediately.
      device-port: Send a subscription event when the offset changes.
      man: Add latency offset documentation to the cli syntax.
      card-restore: Add the ability to save and restore the latency offset.

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