[pulseaudio-discuss] Inline Assembly in svolume_mmx.c

Myles C. Maxfield myles.maxfield at gmail.com
Mon Jun 11 10:22:09 PDT 2012

I asked a question on Stack Overflow
a couple days ago, but thought I would ask here in case someone can
help me out. My question has to do with the use of the 'q' modifier to
%1 on line 110 of pulsecore/svolume_mmx.c (of PulseAudio release 1.1)

In particular, I'm trying to link PulseAudio to a 32-bit application
on my 64-bit mac. When I compile this file with the "-arch i386" flag,
the asm code generator fills in "%q1" to %rcx, which is a 64-bit
register. The assembler then can't assemble the file in 32-bit mode.
Using any combination of "-arch i386", "-m32" and "-march i386"
doesn't help.

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