[pulseaudio-discuss] Reg. problem pulseaudio as system-wide daemon

Ashwani Kumar ash1412 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 14 03:15:23 PDT 2012

Hi All,I am using pulseaudio 2.0 on ubuntu 12.04 (x86_64), running
PulseAudio 2.0 as System-Wide Daemon.
I am facing below errors while recording audio stream thru parec.
pulseaudio --system -vvvv  ( Daemon startup completed successfully)

# parec test.wav
   Stream error: Invalid argument

and pulseaudio log :

I: [pulseaudio] client.c: Created 0 "Native client (UNIX socket client)"
D: [pulseaudio] protocol-dbus.c: Interface org.PulseAudio.Core1.Client
added for object /org/pulseaudio/core1/client0
D: [pulseaudio] protocol-native.c: Protocol version: remote 26, local 26
I: [pulseaudio] protocol-native.c: Got credentials: uid=0 gid=0 success=1
D: [pulseaudio] protocol-native.c: SHM possible: no
D: [pulseaudio] protocol-native.c: Negotiated SHM: no
D: [pulseaudio] source-output.c: Assertion
'pa_format_info_to_sample_spec(data->format, &ss, &map) == 0' failed at
pulsecore/source-output.c:275, function pa_source_output_new.
I: [pulseaudio] client.c: Freed 0 "parec"
I: [pulseaudio] protocol-native.c: Connection died.
D: [pulseaudio] protocol-dbus.c: Interface org.PulseAudio.Core1.Client
removed from object /org/pulseaudio/core1/client0

Can Any one please help me to solve above problem?

Thanks in Advance
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