[pulseaudio-discuss] Two mono sinks to a single stereo card with left and right splitted.

Daniël Sonck dsonck92 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 28 14:03:41 PDT 2012

Alright, I solved it. Somehow I had a hardware problem which I solved 
and using Two module-remap-sink modules I was able to splice them:

load-module module-alsa-sink sink_name=card device=hw:1 channels=2 

load-module module-remap-sink sink_name=kitchen master=card channels=1 
channel_map=mono master_channel_map=aux0
load-module module-remap-sink sink_name=bathroom master=card channels=1 
channel_map=mono master_channel_map=aux1

On Sat 23 Jun 2012 01:29:14 PM CEST, Daniël Sonck wrote:
> A graphical representation might be better:
>                                                                   |volume-control|
> MPD => (pulseaudio) => Local =+====> (Stereo-card) =+===(Left)===> Kitchen
>                               |                     \===(Right)==> Bathroom
>                               |
>                               \==================================> RTP
> The = means that it is a stereo channel (or combined into mono).
> So basicly, MPD connects to pulseaudio, which should route it to the RTP
> stream in true stereo and my sound card. It should combine the
> left/right channel from MPD and send it to the left channel as a
> separate sink and right channel as separate sink. I want to be able to
> control the volume and mute/unmute of the RTP stream, Kitchen and
> Bathroom separately. So for example: I want to be able to mute the
> Kitchen only (leaving the Bathroom and RTP stream alone). And although I
> could add a switch or something physical to the setup, I really want to
> be able to control it through software.
> Daniël Sonck
> On 06/22/2012 02:46 AM, Daniël Sonck wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have a quite unusual configuration requirement:
>> To explain my situation. I have a server which runs mpd. It sends the
>> music simultaneously to a RTP stream and to my local stereo sound card.
>> As the server is in a very usefull position in my appartment, the stereo
>> output is connected to two speakers, one of which is in my kitchen and
>> the other one is in my bathroom. It enlightens my kitchen and bathroom
>> with music.
>> The first problem is this: I want to send the left and right channel of
>> the mpd program to both speakers. Thus it would have to be downmixed and
>> sent to both channels of my stereo card. This is because some songs use
>> panning (and I want to hear both channels). As it is background music, I
>> don't mind that it is downmixed. However, the RTP stream may not be
>> downmixed and must remain stereo.
>> The second problem is this: I want to be able to mute the two speakers
>> independently. If I'm at the kitchen, I want to be able to mute the
>> sound in my bathroom. And also if I'm in my bathroom, I want to be able
>> to mute the sound in the kitchen. Especially because I'm not the only
>> one who is living in my home, and my taste of music is not that well
>> received by others.
>> I hope this is not impossible to do.
>> Thank you,
>> Daniël Sonck

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