[pulseaudio-discuss] GSoC: status report: logging and testing facilities

rong deng dzrongg at gmail.com
Fri Jun 29 08:36:30 PDT 2012

Hi list,

This week, I've been investigating existing test frameworks such as
check, cmockery, gtests etc. Some of quite powerful, but they're
implemented in C++ language, some are simple enough for our projects.
However, after some investigation, I decided to write our own test
framework, which would fits our needs much more. I've already come up
with the framework and I'm in the process of translating one old test
case into my new test framework. I'll post the patch in the next two
days hopefully.

In the meantime, I've started looking around for HDMI displays, trying
to do some other interesting stuff for pulse audio community.

Some other time are spent for implementing David's feature request for
logging, which is not to override the current existing log file. The
approach I come up with is to add some suffix number into the user
specified log file. e.g. if user specifies pa-log. Then it would try
use the pa-log file first, and then pa-log.1, pa-log.2 ... until it
finds a non-existent file name. I think this method is simple and
useful. This patch is still in the process of review. If anyone has
some ideas for it. Speak it out. :)


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