[pulseaudio-discuss] asoundrc, configure one virtual device for both input and output

Amar Akshat amar.akshat at gmail.com
Fri Jun 29 01:45:40 PDT 2012

I have a multiple sound cards connected to my pc, and I have input and
output configured as different virtual devices, like this,
pcm.pulse_i {
type pulse
device alsa_input.pci-0000_00_1b.0.analog-stereo
pcm.pulse_o {
type pulse
device alsa_output.pci-0000_00_1b.0.analog-mono
Can I combine both of them into one virtual device ? Since my application
requires specifying only sound card name for both operations. ?
Thanks in advance.


Thank you...

*Amar Akshat (アマール)*

 *"Walking on water and developing software from a specification are easy
if both are frozen."*
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