[pulseaudio-discuss] pulseaudio and remote desktop

LK Rashinkar lk.rashinkar at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 15:42:26 PDT 2012


Xrdp is an open source RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) server that
runs on Unices.  It allows RDP clients running on Windows and Unices
to connect to it and presents a Unix desktop on the client computer.
So for example from a Windows 7 computer I can connect to an Xrdp
server running on my Ubuntu system and I will then have access to
my Ubuntu desktop on the Windows 7 computer.

The problem:
Xrdp does not yet support audio redirection, which means that RDP
clients that connect to it cannot cannot hear any music/sound that is
played on the server.

RDP protocol has built in features that supports audio redirection.
What I need to understand is how to use Pulseaudio to read audio data
on a per user login basis, without playing any of the sound on the physical
speaker on the server. For example, lets say I am logged into my ubuntu
system and I'm playing a youtube video. User A  and User B login via
xrdp and they both start playing different youtube videos. The audio
from User A and B should not be played on the speaker on the server
and I need a way to read the audio data from User A and B and
using Pulseaudio.

I'm sure PA has support for this, but if someone can guide me in the
right direction, it will be helpful.

thanks for your help

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