[pulseaudio-discuss] [PATCH v2 1/6] core: add ARM NEON optimized mono-to-stereo/stereo-to-mono remapping code

Peter Meerwald pmeerw at pmeerw.net
Thu Mar 15 06:21:50 PDT 2012

Hello Arun,

> FWIW, you can get a Gentoo rootfs (stage3) snapshot at --
> http://gentoo.osuosl.org/releases/arm/autobuilds/

ah, this is useful
I have produced a hardfp rootfs using buildroot, but it is good to have 
the same environment

> Given that this is a complicated change, I'd like to push merging this
> to after 2.0. Unfortunately I've not had enough free time to look at
> your patches for a while, and I'm sorry about the delay. Hopefully we
> can iron out the kinks and get this merged early in the 3.0 cycle.

I also have other priorities ATM; one option would be to drop the remap 
patch for now and just keep sconv and svolume; I think sconv is most 
useful for the moment as the default resampler is speex in float mode, 
float->s16 conversion is likely to happen -- but that's up to you

I will do more testing early April

regards, p.


Peter Meerwald
+43-664-2444418 (mobile)

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