[pulseaudio-discuss] Auto-switching to and from HDMI ports (audio)

Michał Sawicz michal at sawicz.net
Fri Mar 16 02:17:00 PDT 2012

Dnia 2012-03-16, pią o godzinie 09:51 +0100, Tom Gundersen pisze:
> I guess a common case is to connect to a TV over HDMI, and that most
> TV's correctly report audio capabilities (as they have at least an
> inbuilt 10W speaker). However, unless the TV is connected to proper
> external speakers (which I guess we cannot tell?), I assume the HDMI
> audio should be the last preference and not be switched to
> automatically? 

What's more, the TVs usually won't relay (at least pass-through) sound
that's coming to it over HDMI to external amplifiers. But if you have an
external amplifier, you will most likely connect through it anyway.

I'm thinking the only use-case when switching to HDMI audio would not be
desirable would be when you use a different connection (say, SPDIF) to
an amplifier.

BTW, do optical connectors support sensing at all?
Michał Sawicz <michal at sawicz.net>
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