[pulseaudio-discuss] [PATCH] loopback: Fix crash if Max Request change at unload

Dalleau, Frederic frederic.dalleau at intel.com
Fri Mar 23 06:49:21 PDT 2012

Hi David,

> No, I just saw the crash report on launchpad and tried to figure out the
> likely cause for it. The person in question had combined module-null-sink
> with module-loopback and got a segfault from sink_input_update_max_request
> calling adjust_rates with a null u->source.

It is likely that the issues related : here is the backtrace I got
after applying your patch (without mine)

#0  0xb7e9b520 in adjust_rates (u=0x80b3668) at modules/module-loopback.c:174
#1  0xb7e9d372 in sink_input_process_msg_cb (obj=0x80f2728, code=10,
data=0x0, offset=0, chunk=0x0)
   at modules/module-loopback.c:530
#2  0xb7c31f9b in pa_asyncmsgq_dispatch (object=0x80f2728, code=10,
userdata=0x0, offset=0, memchunk=0xbfffe96c)
   at pulsecore/asyncmsgq.c:322
#3  0xb7c320e1 in pa_asyncmsgq_flush (a=0x8100ea0, run=true) at
#4  0xb7c990fa in pa_thread_mq_done (q=0x80a7da0) at pulsecore/thread-mq.c:107
#5  0xb7ced418 in stop_thread (u=0x80a7d70) at
#6  0xb7cedf1f in card_set_profile (c=0x80a6a98, new_profile=0x80b1ed8)

The origin is not the same, but it is likely that the consequences are the same.


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