[pulseaudio-discuss] more thoughts about my GSoC plan

rong deng dzrongg at gmail.com
Sun Mar 25 05:51:43 PDT 2012

Hi all,

I would like to apply for logging/testing project. Here's my attempt to
write more about my thoughts on how this should be done:

First about logging:

1. pulseaudio has already had some support for log level, but it may need
some improvements.
2. the category support is not yet. for this aspect, gstreamer does a much
better job. So I would add similar mechanisms for pulseaudio. For every
plugin, we can advocate developers declare a separate category. And then,
we can something familiar as mymodule:4 to log what we want.
3. the idea of a circle buffer is good. therefore, we can create a new
interface "pactl log" to display the log. The same as "dmesg", that would
be great. However, about the details, Lennart has the idea of using
compression for logging for the whole system, we could do the same if want
to put more stuff in the circular buffer.
4. filtering the logs and display the output with colors are nice features.
color output is available right now in pulseaudio, but we may need to adapt
it into different situations, e.g. circular buffer.

Then about testing:

1. gcov is all about coverage testing. I'm reading more documents about
this tool.
2. As I skim through the code of pulseaudio, it seems it lacks the support
for a testing framework. Many unit tests are made by developers themselves,
and are ad hoc. E.g. the testing and benching program for resampling.
3. I'm not quite sure about what kind of test framework do we want? unit
test framework? Overall functional framework? For unit testing, googletest
seems to be an option. Or we could write our own?

Any thoughts would be welcome.

As Arun pointed out, this project might not be enough for GSoC, I'm also
looking for another project.
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