[pulseaudio-discuss] no output from pulseaudio on embedded arm platform

Jan Pohanka xhpohanka at gmail.com
Thu Mar 22 05:18:58 PDT 2012

Hello Peter,

thank you for the response.

> check /et/pulse/daemon.conf, I have issues with
> default-sample-rate and alternate-sample-rate; I need to set both to the
> same value (which would be natively supported by your hardware, probably
> 48000 or 16000)

You were right, specifying correct default-sample-rate in daemon.conf  
helped. I can now play sounds with paplay. Alternate-sample-rate is not a  
valid settings for my version of pulse audio.

Unfortunately new issue appeared now.
After accessing pulseaudio deamon (with paplay for example) it shutdown by  
itself with some timeout saying:
I: [pulseaudio] core.c: We are idle, quitting...

The full log can be seen in the attachment.

> turn on logging, start PulseAudio with
> pulseaudio --system --log-level=debug --log-target=stderr

I have also tried to run pulseaudio with --system parameter. It does not  
work for me with following error.
E: [pulseaudio] shm.c: mmap() failed: Cannot allocate memory
E: [pulseaudio] core.c: pa_mempool_new() failed.
E: [pulseaudio] main.c: pa_core_new() failed.

with best regards

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