[pulseaudio-discuss] Audio Profiles not available

Claudio Roberto França Pereira spideybr at gmail.com
Wed Mar 28 15:18:35 PDT 2012

Please, advice. I have an Intel core i3, and I'm currently using the
HDMI output to send audio and video signals to my receiver, that
parses it and then send the signal to the speakers. The problem is
that PulseAudio only show me stereo profiles: stereo, stereo in and
out, digital out, digital out and stereo in. I need multiple digital
output profiles, so I can configure my notebook to output 5.1 digital

Also, I can't enable pass through. The receiver detects the stream
change from PCM to something, but can't identify the Dolby Digital
stream, and then it mutes. When pass through is disabled, I can't get
5.1 PCM either, just 2.0 PCM.

Claudio Roberto França Pereira

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