[pulseaudio-discuss] Windows installation help

Dave Horoschak dave at horoschak.net
Mon May 7 15:31:24 PDT 2012

Before moving to Android, I'm trying to get PulseAudio working on two WinXP
machines, just to get started.  I can't even get through the "Easy Steps"
in the wiki, so that doesn't bode well for the future.

I installed everything and am trying to "pulseaudio -nC" or "pulseaudio -nF

My default.pa file only has:

load-module module-waveout sink_name=output
load-module module-null-sink

I keep getting "Secure directory creation not supported on Win32" and
"failed to allocate shared memory pool".

I saw some issues on Linux related to NTFS, but that's not the issue here.
I'm running with administrator rights, so there should be no issue with

If there's a directory that I should create before running, I couldn't find
any documentation on it.  And if there is Windows-specific documentation I
couldn't find that either.

Sorry for the basic questions, but this one has me stumped.

 - Dave
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