[pulseaudio-discuss] [PATCH] sink_input: check return value

Wang Xingchao wangxingchao2011 at gmail.com
Tue May 8 00:27:37 PDT 2012

Sorry for long time no reply. :(

2012/3/16 Tanu Kaskinen <tanuk at iki.fi>:
> On Fri, 2012-02-03 at 13:10 -0500, Wang Xingchao wrote:
>> for pcm sink which doesnot supports requested formats,there should be
>> proper return value.
> Sorry for the delay. Some comments after a quick glance (I haven't done
> a thorough review yet):
> IMO pa_sink_input_new_data_set_sink() should return an int instead of
> pa_bool_t. I believe this code was written before we had the discussion
> about failure reporting style. IIRC, also Arun (who wrote this code)
> agreed in the end that errors should be reported with negative integers,
> not with booleans. So, I'd like to have two patches: first one that
> changes the return type and second that adds checks for the return
> value.

Agree. So i will make some changes according to your suggestion, is that okay?

> Please configure your editor to replace tabs with spaces.
> It would be nice to print an error message instead of failing silently
> when pa_sink_input_new_data_set_sink() fails.
> Arun, it seems that if the sink input new data doesn't contain
> req_formats, pa_sink_input_new_data_set_sink() will always succeed. Is
> that so because if there are no req_formats, the stream format will be
> PCM, and we have no sinks that don't support PCM? I guess we might
> someday want to have sinks that don't support PCM, so the return value
> of pa_sink_input_new_data_set_sink() should be always checked (like is
> done in this patch) to be future-proof?

That's why i wrote this patch. i met assertion error and after some
check, i found it's caused by no return value check.  If
sink-input-data has no req_formats and no sink,
pa_sink_input_new_data_set_sink() will return FALSE, data->format will
finally keep NULL. That will cause pa_return_val_if_fail(data->foramt,


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