[pulseaudio-discuss] Is it OK for PulseAudio to crash when BlueZ is buggy?

Frédéric Dalleau frederic.dalleau at linux.intel.com
Wed May 9 02:02:42 PDT 2012

Hi Tanu,

In general, your mail sounds ok but the last sentence sounds strange :

On 05/09/2012 09:19 AM, Tanu Kaskinen wrote:
> I think it should be
> OK to assume that D-Bus services are working as documented, and when
> there are problems with that, fix the bug where it is.

It is proper coding practice to check everything that is coming from 
outside your process from environment variable and files, to user input 
and in this case dbus api. This is the only way to have a deterministic 
behavior. Sooner or later, you will have to deal with a deprecated dbus-api.


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