[pulseaudio-discuss] ALC883 no sound from lfe after playback stopped and started

Piotr Szymaniak piotrek_sz at wp.pl
Wed May 9 04:55:26 PDT 2012

I have an apparently uncommon problem with my 5.1 sound setup using 
Realtek ALC883 on Asus P5KR.

Occurence: Linux Mint 12 KDE 64bit; Linux Mint Debian Mate (GNOME) 64bit 
Update Pack 4 (Update Pack 3 was working properly)
Symptoms: No sound from LFE speaker. If the hardware profile (speakers 
setup) of audio device is changed during the playback, LFE comes up. 
However, when audio is stopped (no matter if it is Banshee or Totem) and 
started again, subwoofer is down. Pausing and playing works fine but 
selecting another track doesn't.

I have no idea if it is pulse or alsa problem, but I would gladly 
provide more data if anyone would explain how to do so.


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