[pulseaudio-discuss] [PATCH] add log category

Arun Raghavan arun.raghavan at collabora.co.uk
Mon May 28 20:29:23 PDT 2012

On Thu, 2012-05-24 at 21:53 +0800, rong deng wrote:
> Hi all,
> This is more like a RFC patch, it can't even compile well... However,
> I'd like to gather some information here on the mailing list to make
> sure that I'm on the right track and my work would be liked by others.
> This 'category' model is mainly after the design of gstreamer. So we
> have a 'pa_log_category_t' type to show what kind of category it's,
> and in its category, we can specify a threshold and the color to
> display.  (look at the changes in these two files src/pulsecore/log.h
> and src/pulsecore/log.c for more details.)
> Now the main problem to me is that the usage is not so
> developer-friendly. Any place where we use pa_log related functions, I
> have to specify the macro PA_LOG_CATEGORY_DEFAULT. That's almost
> everywhere... But yes, it should only be written for only and after
> that other developers should be OK with that.

We spoke of this on IRC -- this looks reasonable to me, and inevitable
if we want to group output logically together.

I haven't checked every category you've added, but they seem to be
broadly okay and the principle is sound.

-- Arun

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