[pulseaudio-discuss] Channel muted after every reboot

Paul Menzel paulepanter at users.sourceforge.net
Sat Oct 6 05:48:20 PDT 2012

Dear PA folks,

using Debian Wheezy with PA 2.0-6 without the ALSA init.d script to
restore volume levels during boot, the GNOME volume control shows that
the output is muted. The volume level is the same as in the last
session, but it is muted. Moving the slider a little, the audio gets
unmuted. Logging out and back in preserves the “mute state”. Just
rebooting poses a problem.

The folks in #debian-gnome on irc.oftc.net told me, that PulseAudio
should be able to remember the volume settings including the unmuted

Is that a known problem of PA 2.0 and if so, do you know of a fix which
could be applied?


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