[pulseaudio-discuss] paid pulse audio support

info info1955 at globalfone.biz
Thu Oct 11 11:41:56 PDT 2012

i have killed 2 full days and my time is precious now for various 
reasons; i do not want to tell u my problem and have u suggest answer - 
i want you online realtime with me on instant messaging till the problem 
is solved;

i am currently in riyadh, ksa gmt +3 ;

i am running f17, kde, nvidia gt430 graphics card with hdmi, and 
pulseaudio is installed so i have skype support and skype works full 
audio and video;

i only have video and audio when playing a local file on my HD if i do 
the following
mplayer -ao alsa:device=hw=2.9 file.ext

if i hit test on the hdmi device in kde i get nothing

the main problem is no audio with online video eg youtube

i have been on linux since fedora 4, and we use it professionally but 
none of my techs have experience with linux as a desktop platform only 
as a telco server

i am wasted, tired, defeated, enervated, and unhappy

pls kindly consent to an hourly rate with a 30 minute minimum and pls 
kindly advise when u would be free online

thx and cheers

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