[pulseaudio-discuss] Brrr ... freeze imminent

Tanu Kaskinen tanuk at iki.fi
Fri Oct 19 09:26:48 PDT 2012

On Fri, 2012-10-19 at 19:24 +0530, Arun Raghavan wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm hoping to freeze master for 3.0 early next week, with a release in
> 2-3 weeks after that if everything is quiet. Mostly, it's just pending
> on me finishing with Peter's NEON patches.

Thanks, I've been meaning to bring up the release discussion again...

> If there's anything that
> needs to go into this release that is in your sekrit branches or on the
> list and not been given attention, now's the time to holler!

Here's a list of fixes from me that have not been reviewed yet,
according to my bookkeeping. I'd like to get them in 3.0. There
shouldn't be anything particularly complicated. The earliest patches are
from March, so I'm not sure if they all apply cleanly anymore... If
there are patches that don't apply cleanly, complain about it and I'll
resend rebased versions.

bluetooth: Don't free read_smoother in pa__done().
bluetooth: Fix uninitialized variable.
rtp: Get rid of an "unitialized value" warning from Coverity.
pasuspender: Check pa_context_connect() return value.
Fix pa_parse_boolean() return value checking.
rtsp-client: Fix rtp_port reading.
smoother-test: Fix array overflow.
mainloop-signal: Explicitly ignore pa_write() return value.
mainloop: Change wakeup_requested type from pa_bool_t to pa_atomic_t.
mainloop: Remove useless pa_mainloop_wakeup() calls.
mainloop: Remove redundant wakeup_pipe validity checks.
mainloop: Write to the wakeup pipe unconditionally when waking up the mainloop.
mainloop: Check pa_write() return value.
oss: Check pa_read() return value.
cpulimit: Explicitly ignore pa_read() return value.
daemon: Don't rely on prctl(PR_SET_KEEPCAPS, 0) for dropping caps.
device-restore: Fix empty argument list declaration.
memblockq: Use pa_xnew0() to avoid manual zeroing.
memblockq: Fix the order of setting minreq and prebuf.
modargs: Don't fail needlessly in pa_modargs_get_sample_spec_and_channel_map().
sink, source: New functions: pa_{sink,source}_new_data_add_port().
core-util: Don't accept random words in pa_parse_boolean().
pasuspender: Resume before exiting in case of SIGINT or fork() failure.
object: Initialize allocated memory to zero.
card: Store a pa_card pointer in pa_card_profile.
switch-on-port-available: Prepare for port->is_{out, in}put going away.
alsa-mixer: Introduce "description-key" option for paths.
alsa-mixer: Remove the "name" option from the "General" section of path configuration files.
device-port: Make it impossible to have a dual-direction port.
resampler: Make sure that there are no overflows when multiplying potentially big numbers.
loopback: Use the real sample spec once it's known.
loopback: Don't fix the source output format/rate/channels.
virtual-surround-sink: Fix setting max_request and max_rewind.
sink: Process rewind requests also when suspended.
combine: Keep the timer active in the null mode only when running.
Propagate the PA_{SINK, SOURCE}_LATENCY flag changes through a chain of filter sinks/sources.
Propagate the PA_{SINK, SOURCE}_DYNAMIC_LATENCY flag changes through a chain of filter sinks/sources.
sink, source: Really set the fixed latency in set_fixed_latency_within_thread(), always.
build: Don't enable BlueZ if libbluetooth is not found.
match: Use the SINK_INPUT_FIXATE hook instead of NEW.
build: Add a2dp-codecs.h to libbluetooth-util sources.
build: Add .gitignore files to EXTRA_DIST.

Are we going to make a pavucontrol release too? Here's one patch for

Enable Automake's silent-rules option.


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