[pulseaudio-discuss] a question about audio synchronization between local sink and tunnel sink

Arun Raghavan arun.raghavan at collabora.co.uk
Tue Oct 23 22:34:07 PDT 2012

On Thu, 2012-10-18 at 23:17 +0000, Sun, Xiaodong wrote:
> Tanu,
> Yes, I am new to PulseAudio code. All I have done so far with code is, reading a few module source code (i.e. module-combine-sink.c, module-tunnel.c, sink.c, etc.) to understand the nature of this unsynchronized issue I met. I didn't expect I will be involved as a developer at all. Since this feature is very important to me, it seems I have to dive deeper. My time is very tight though. Is there any design document you can share with me. I can only find the document for developer on freedesktop.org. 

The only resources available are:

* Assorted developer docs:

* API: http://freedesktop.org/software/pulseaudio/doxygen/

* The code :)

As Tanu mentions, feel free to drop by IRC to talk to us, or post any
questions you have about the code / design on list.

-- Arun

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