[pulseaudio-discuss] bluetooth hfp and a2dp

shawn wilson ag4ve.us at gmail.com
Fri Oct 26 07:35:13 PDT 2012

i've been looking around, and i can't find any examples of how to
setup a system so that i use a2dp until something requires hfp. i was
able to set my device up easy enough (from the pa side of things - i
had to get a gui app to deal with the connection though):
pacmd "set-card-profile bluez_card.JB_JB_JB_JB_JB_JB hsp"
pacmd "set-default-sink bluez_sink.JB_JB_JB_JB_JB_JB"
pacmd "set-default-source bluez_source.JB_JB_JB_JB_JB_JB"

however, i only get skype through my jawbone. i would like vlc (or
other audio programs) to send audio through as well. any documentation
that might explain how to do this and/or a configuration they wouldn't
mind sharking?

second, can i filter sounds? ideally, i'd like to send the
notification of people connecting / disconnecting from skype to my
computer speakers (i don't see how this would be possible, but just
figured i'd ask).

last, for systems that want to use alsa directly, is there a
pulseaudio device that i could send audio to that would then give
another source that pulseaudio could deal with? or maybe some other
project that has a kernel module that would act like a sound device
and would give me raw output that i could route with pulseaudio?

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