[pulseaudio-discuss] usb headset microphone will not work with pulseaudio

Raymond Yau superquad.vortex2 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 29 05:53:14 PDT 2012

> > > The alsa-info.sh log from the mac mini (the usb headset will not stay
connected on the dell e6220 long enough for it to work) is at:
> > >
> > >
> >
> > you need to find out the usb problem in system log of your e6220
> OK - I'll take a look. Note that the usb headset works fine on this
machine under win7


usb_set_interface failed (-32)

> > how many audio jacks do your macmini have ?
> >
> > seem only line in support jack detect, internal mic support balanced but
> > ext mic does not support jack detect
> There are two audio jacks:
> 1. An analogue headset/external speakers jack. Note that in order for the
external speakers to work, I need to use HDA Analyser to change the
settings otherwise things remain stuck on the internal speaker. I did not
try an analogue headset.
> 2. An analogue line-in jack. I tried this with a powered condenser
microphone - I can hear a recording, but the level is too low for practical
> I'm not sure there is an internal microphone connected - shouting at the
mac mini box does not produce an audible recording :P


Audio line in minijack (digital/analog)
Audio line out/headphone minijack (digital/analog)
HDMI port supports multichannel audio output
Support for Apple iPhone headset with microphone
Built-in speaker
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