[pulseaudio-discuss] Echo cancellation settings.

Lazar Doru ce_doru at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 2 02:07:04 PDT 2013

Hi there!

I am a phone app developer trying to achieve the following tasks using PulseAudio:

1. Allow the user to select the source/sink devices to use (from the application).

2. Cancel the echo from the selected devices.

I am setting the media.role to "phone" and the filter.want property to "echo-cancel" for both streams 
and echo cancel is successfully loaded and it works with the mention that webrtc cuts a lot of
"good noise" so that the users are having a hard time understanding each other.

I tried manually loading the Speex echo canceler using pa_context_load_module (and it works great)
 but i don't think that is an option for me because devices that are plugged-in after the echo-cancel 
module being loaded don't have their echo-cancelled equivalent loaded (at least they are not shown in pasystray). 
Therefore I have the following question:

Can I / How can I specify per application which aec_method to use without loading the echo cancel-module?

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