[pulseaudio-discuss] Updated module-lfe-lp, requesting review/recommendations

Justin Chudgar justin at justinzane.com
Wed Apr 3 16:29:28 PDT 2013


I believe that I have gotten rewind working, and I have moved the biquad 
filtering specific code to its own location in order to be able to share it with 
the forthcoming "module-xover-sink" that is intended to correctly implement 
remixing with a Linkwitz-Riley 4th order crossover. I have started to cleanup 
the code to meet the style guide, as well. 

Would you kindly take a look at the code in:


- module-lfe-lp.c
- biquad/*
- Makefile.am

and let me know what more I need to do to get finished with module-lfe-lp and 
move onto module-xover-sink (oh, and heftig, feel free to name it whatever you 
think is proper, you idea = your naming rights :) ).


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