[pulseaudio-discuss] Digital output volume reset, if changing output. + Problems after Verbose log

Tanu Kaskinen tanuk at iki.fi
Thu Apr 4 07:17:15 PDT 2013

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On Wed, 2013-04-03 at 23:11 +0200, Espen Lund wrote:
> Great, happy you managed to reproduce the bug. :) Hoping it will be
> done by the time
> an eventual steambox comes to market. Less bugs, makes out a better
> experience so.

I found the bug and sent a fix to the list. It's an old bug, the same
error has been there at least since 1.0.

> I'll try to describe whats happening when i do a verbose log, with the
> pulseaudio "how-to-do" verbose log.
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio/Log
> After reproducing the bug, and pressing Ctrl + C, to stop the log. The
> audio is gone, there are no devices to play sound through.

Yeah, in addition to stopping the log, you stopped PulseAudio.

> The first i try to do is "killall Pulseaudio", hoping for it to
> restart. It doesn't.

Yeah, stopping PulseAudio doesn't start PulseAudio. That's expected, if
autospawning is disabled.

> So i type "sudo start pulseaudio", and i get sound on my analog for a
> slight 1 second. (I don't get my music, but a slight clicking sound in
> Ubuntu.)
> Devices are still gone. I checked ~/.pulse/client.conf for autospawn =
> no, removed it. Logged out, and in. Pulseaudio was running, but with
> no devices. Picture is attached.

I don't know what "sudo start pulseaudio" does on Ubuntu, but the
logical thing would be to start it in the system mode (normally it runs
in per-user mode, i.e. one server per user). In theory that should work
too, but I'm not too worried if it doesn't.


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