[pulseaudio-discuss] about pulseaudio 4.0 release

Zhang, Vivian vivian.zhang at intel.com
Wed Apr 24 04:40:15 PDT 2013

Thanks a lot, tanu.
It's quite helpful for your info.


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On Fri, 2013-04-19 at 14:38 +0000, Zhang, Vivian wrote:
> Hi,
> I am working on Tizen project which includes pulseaudio (v 0.9.23) as 
> the sound server, we have the plan to upgrade pulseaudio to latest 
> upstream version and are making  the evaluation now.
>     Glad to know that pulseaudio v 3.99.1  has been released as the 
> first release candidate for 4.0.  Any schedule/plan for 4.0 final 
> release, and any new features in this release?

Arun is handling the tarballs (release candidates and final releases), so the schedule is affected by how busy he is, but basically it should work like this (this is my understanding - the process isn't currently documented officially anywhere):

 1. publish a release candidate
 2. wait for a week (at least) for feedback  3. if there are significant changes done during this time, goto 1  4. if there are open release blocker bugs, fix them and goto 1  5. publish the final tarball

The list of release blocker bugs is here (see the "Depends on" field):

That list isn't set to stone - for example, I doubt that there will be any activity on 58758. I think Arun said that he intends to publish RC2 once he fixes 61262 - I don't know how soon that will happen. We will anyway have at least one more release candidate, so the release is at least a week away.

As for new features, I don't think we have anything major this time (shell completion is cool, though). I haven't done the release notes yet (should do soon...), so I don't have a clear picture of the details.


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