[pulseaudio-discuss] [PATCH] Add support of callbacks for operation cancelation

Paul Meng mno2.csie at gmail.com
Mon Jan 7 05:52:46 PST 2013

> Thank you for the patch. I still think that
> pa_operation_new_with_state_callback() should be removed. I don't think
> the functionality that it offers would get used any time soon. (I'm not
> really convinced that it would be a good idea to have it anyway, even if
> maintaining backward compatibility wasn't a problem. The vast majority
> of applications will never need a cancel callback, so let's not bother
> them with that by adding another callback parameter to each function
> that returns an operation object.)
> The documentation for pa_operation_set_state_callback() says "since
> 3.0", while it should be 4.0.
> Please send patches either with "git send-email", or as an attachment
> formatted with "git format-patch". The patch that you sent in the
> message body has wrapped lines, so it doesn't apply. Patches generated
> with the git tools contain proper attribution and commit message, and
> don't require any copy-pasting from my part.
> --
> Tanu

Hi Tanu,

Sorry for messing up.
I have removed pa_operation_new_with_state_callback(), and corrected the
comment from "since 3.0" to "since 4.0". And "git format-patch" a patch in
the attachment. Please check it out.

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