[pulseaudio-discuss] Handling JACK driver switching

Nathan Hulse nat.hulse at googlemail.com
Sat Jan 26 13:39:57 PST 2013


I was hoping someone could offer a little advice in order to gracefully
handle switching the JACK driver during suspend/resume.

I have created a pm hook that uses jack_control to switch from the firewire
to the dummy driver before suspend and the switch back the firewire driver
on resume. The script also unloads/loads firewire_ohci in the interim to
reset my Aureon Firewire. It runs after the PulseAudio hook before the
system suspends.

This is the most graceful way I have found of handling suspend/resume for
jackd and my card. However, when I change the driver to dummy and back to
firewire, the PulseAudio JACK sink ceases to produce output. Bear with me,
for I understand not the technicalities! I know I could just force Pulse to
respawn, but is there a less crude solution I could employ?


Nathan Hulse
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