[pulseaudio-discuss] Jack-sink and pavucontrol .. who's on first!?

Bearcat Şándor bearcat at feline-soul.com
Tue Jun 4 23:17:20 PDT 2013

I feel like i'm in an Abbott and Costello routine.

I finally got jack and pulse to behave together. I'm using the jackdbus
detect module.  When i login to gnome 3, jack and pulse play nicely
together. If i stop jack for some reason, i can't restart it. It complains
that pulseaudio and jackdbus are running (what? jackdbus is *your* module
you fool).

So i've set up commands to run when stopping and starting jack:

start-up: pulseaudio --kill & sleep 1
after start-up: sleep 5 & pulseaudio --start
shutdown: pulseaudio --kill & sleep 5
after-shutdown: null

This almost works!  i can start and stop jack to my heart's content.
Pulseaudio only runs when jack is, but that's fine. I'd just have to copy
after-startup to after-shutdown if i wanted pulse running without jack.

The problem is, my volume controls for my sound card don't work in gnome
because gnome doesn't seem to refresh its list of controls. Looking at
pavucontrol i can see that pulse is only looking at the jack-sink.  This
makes some sense as after restarting pulse with jack running, it's jack
that has the control of the soundcard, not alsa (which is where pulse gets
it's card control info from i presume).

If i fire up alsamixer i can see that the 'default' card is the jack-sink
and i need to switch it to the sound card to get my controls working in
pavucontrol and gnome mixer.  Either both of those *show* the controls but
they don't do anything or if i restart pulse they only show the jack-sink.

Any ideas?

Thank you.
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