[pulseaudio-discuss] skype sound effects create a buzzing noise

Julian Sikorski belegdol at gmail.com
Thu May 23 11:26:49 PDT 2013

W dniu 23.05.2013 20:10, Julian Sikorski pisze:
> W dniu 23.05.2013 19:32, Arun Raghavan pisze:
>> On Thu, 2013-05-23 at 19:22 +0200, Julian Sikorski wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> this was annoying me long enough that I have decided to investigate.
>>> Basically, I am using skype-4.2 and pulseaudio-2.1 on fedora 18 x86_64.
>>> Whenever skype produces a sound event (incoming message bleep, logging
>>> in sound), buzzing noise will occur. This is especially prominent when
>>> playing a song in the background. I have looked at the log and the error
>>> message seems to be this:
>>> D: [alsa-sink] memblock.c: Pool full
>>> D: [alsa-sink] memblock.c: Pool full
>>> D: [alsa-sink] memblock.c: Pool full
>>> I have attached a full log. I know that PA 2.1 is really old now, but
>>> Fedora seems to be having hard time aligning with PA releases these days.
>> This happens because PulseAudio didn't handle low latency requests well
>> enough. This has been fixed recently, and will be available in the next
>> release (or in one of the 3.99.x prereleases if you can get a package
>> for it).
>> -- Arun
> That's great to hear! Hopefully 4.0 will make it to Fedora 19, otherwise
> it will be in Fedora 20 which is slated for a January release. It's
> funny to think that Fedora was once the distro advocating pulseaudio.
> Julian
I just talked to the Fedora PA maintainer and unfortunately F-19 is too
far past freeze to ship PA 4.0.
Is the fix you mention possible to backport to 3.0 (which is what F-19
is going to be shipping)?

Best regards,

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