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Changes in v3:
 * Rewrote the mixer change notes.
 * Added the low-latency fix note.
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+PulseAudio 4.0, not yet released:
+  Utility changes:
+   * Shell completion is now available for most of the utility
+     programs. Bash and zsh are supported.
+   * pactl now supports toggling mute. To be clear, setting the mute
+     to on or off was already supported before, this change adds the
+     possibility to give "toggle" as a parameter to the set-*-mute
+     commands.
+   * New pactl commands: set-default-sink and set-default-source.
+  Module changes:
+   * New module: module-role-ducking. The module lowers the volume of
+     less important streams when a more important stream appears, and
+     raises the volume back up once the important stream has finished
+     (this is called "ducking"). The decision whether a stream has
+     high or low priority is made based on the stream role (the
+     media.role property). By default, "music" and "video" streams are
+     ducked, and "phone" streams trigger the ducking. This module is
+     not loaded in the default configuration.
+   * New module: module-remap-source. The module creates a virtual
+     source on top of another source, with a different channel map.
+     This allows swapping left and right channels, for example.
+   * module-udev-detect: New module argument: use_ucm. PulseAudio uses
+     ALSA UCM configuration by default if it's available. This module
+     argument can be used to disable UCM.
+   * module-udev-detect: New module argument: tsched_buffer_size.
+     Buffer size in bytes when timer based scheduling is enabled.
+   * module-rtp-send: The "destination" argument was renamed to
+     "destination_ip".
+   * module-rtp-send: New module argument: source_ip. On a multi-homed
+     system, it may be desirable to use RTP only on a specific
+     interface. The interface can be selected by specifying the source
+     IP address.
+  Hardware support changes:
+   * Both outputs of Native Instruments Traktor Audio 2 can now be
+     used simultaneously without any manual configuration.
+   * Mixer improvements for some laptops with TRRS headset jacks.
+   * Capture support fixed for Logitech B530 USB headset and Focusrite
+     Scarlett 2i2.
+  libpulse changes:
+   * New function: pa_operation_set_state_callback(). It allows an
+     application to get a callback from pa_operation when it's
+     cancelled (perhaps due to disconnection).
+   * PA_ENCODING_MPEG2_AAC_IEC61937 added to the pa_encoding_t
+     enumeration. This means that it's now possible to play MPEG-2 AAC
+     streams in the passthrough mode to devices that support it.
+   * HDMI / DisplayPort monitor name is now available to clients. If
+     supported by HDMI / DisplayPort hardware and drivers, the name of
+     the connected monitor, receiver etc. will now show up as a port
+     property (with key PA_PROP_DEVICE_PRODUCT_NAME). Note that the
+     name might become available slightly after the port becomes
+     available (this is due to hardware/driver limitations). A card
+     change event will be sent out when this information changes.
+   * Removed function: pa_format_info_free2(). The
+     pa_format_info_free2 symbol was never part of the public API, but
+     was still exported in the ABI in the previous version of
+     PulseAudio. It is now completely dropped. Since it was never
+     exposed in any header files, the only programs affected should be
+     test tools specifically looking for missing symbols.
+  Dependency changes:
+   * The D-Bus version requirement was bumped to 1.4.12.
+   * The alsa-lib version requirement was bumped to 1.0.24.
+   * The GTK+ version requirement was bumped to 3.0.
+   * The libsystemd-daemon dependency was dropped.
+  Performance improvements:
+   * Faster C code for mixing 16-bit streams with 1 or 2 channels.
+   * ARM NEON implementation for mixing 16-bit streams with 2
+     channels.
+   * Faster software volume for 16-bit streams on 64-bit platforms.
+   * Faster format conversion between 16-bit and 32-bit (integer)
+     audio.
+   * The default resampler was changed from speex-float-3 to
+     speex-float-1, so the resampling is now much lighter on CPU by
+     default than before, with the tradeoff that the audio quality
+     is worse (usually not noticeably so, though).
+  Bug fix highlights:
+   * Quicker drains: in previous versions of PulseAudio, it could
+     sometimes take up to a few seconds after a stream finished
+     playing until pa_stream_drain() actually returned. This has now
+     been fixed, which also means that programs such as paplay will
+     end quicker after having finished playback.
+   * Issues with device handover to JACK were fixed. JACK should be
+     now able to reliably acquire the sound card while PulseAudio is
+     running.
+   * When converting between different channel maps, the remixing
+     can't result in clipping anymore. Streams that earlier could
+     potentially get clipped are now a bit quieter.
+   * In certain low-latency scenarios PulseAudio used a bad algorithm
+     to decide when to ask clients to send more data (the data request
+     was sent so late that it was impossible to get the data to the
+     sound card reliably in time). The algorithm has been improved,
+     resulting in fewer drop-outs in those scenarios.
+  Contributions from: (TODO)

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