[pulseaudio-discuss] Question regarding usage of pa_stream_peek() and pa_stream_drop()

nimesh.chanchani at accenture.com nimesh.chanchani at accenture.com
Thu Nov 14 02:40:17 PST 2013

Hi ,

I have a question regarding the usage of pa_stream_peek() and pa_stream_drop().

my usage is :

pa_stream_peek(mStreams[1], &data, &free);
if ( data == NULL && free > 0 )
       fwrite(data, sizeof(uint8_t), free, fpOutput);

The problem is that sometimes i get the data and sometimes not, also when i get the data it is very noisy.

Now, from reading the document, it says :
pa_stream_peek() , returns the bytes read, which may be less than the fragsize.
also, pa_stream_drop() is used to remove the current fragment.

now my question is , since pa_stream_drop is needed to move the buffer forward, so that i read the next , what will happen if I call pa_stream_peek() , which returns partial fragment, and then call pa-stream_drop(), which will drop the fragment. Will this lead to data loss?

Also, if in the above case there is a data loss , what should be the correct sequence of calls?


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