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Владислав Андреев kromerx at gmail.com
Sun Nov 24 07:45:36 PST 2013

Hello, *Dear Developers.** I have and idea, and I want to know, how much
will cost this implementation.*

I want to see a unique feature, that will makes me, and millions of other
users to give up windows.
I mean *additional audio configuration.*
Maybe it will be done with help of* ladspa* plugins. but I know, that some
audio cards supports *bass/treble* option in *alsamixer,* maybe this
function can be implement to all other audio cards.
It will be cool to see *Bass, Treble, Stereoimage Width, Bass Redirection *
Many linux users will say *"If there is no option in linux - you don't need
it"*. But I think it is not logic.
And I understand that this is not No.1 priority task, that's why, I am
asking you, about price for your time for this.

*Who cares?*

   - *All linux comminity.*
   - Audio-fans, who want's to switch from *Windows* to alternative OS, and
   do not want to buy Mac at the same time :)
   - All other users, who do not like new Microsoft politics.
   - *Gabe Logan Newell*
   - Future Steam Machines community.
   - *IT-future is cares.*

No doubt this feature will be like a blast!

Best regards, Andriev Vladislav Igorevich.
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