[pulseaudio-discuss] How to set media role variable ??

sathishkumar sivagurunathan sathish1000 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 28 01:18:08 PST 2013

Thanks Tanu for the reply,

I wanted to test the module "module role cork" . So I started two media
players using the gst launch tool. One had media role as phone and other
had media role as music. When I tested using the "module role cork", it
worked good. The player with media role "music" was paused.

As the next step, I tested with two different players.

1) gst launch tool -- media role = phone

2) qt based application ( runs on phonon - gstreamer framework ) -- with
media role as music.

When the "module role cork" is used, the music stream is just muted but not

I tried with a few other players too. The low priority stream is just

I could not understand where the difference is coming from.

Can you help me with this.

 On Nov 22, 2013 10:38 PM, "Tanu Kaskinen" <tanu.kaskinen at linux.intel.com>

> On Wed, 2013-11-20 at 10:57 -0500, sathishkumar sivagurunathan wrote:
> > Thanks Tanu for the detailed reply..
> >
> > A) I would great if whatever I am intending to do could be added to
> > pulseaudio. But I feel what I need to do is already implemented in the
> > module "Module-role-cork" --> Essentially priority assignment between the
> > streams played by pulseaudio.
> module-role-cork has very primitive priority model: one role is defined
> to have "high" priority, and some other roles can have "low" priority.
> Streams that have some role that has neither "high" or "low" priority
> are ignored. So, module-role-cork works if this limited model is good
> enough for you. Of course, module-role-cork could perhaps be improved if
> necessary.
> > B) The only differentiator is that instead of the (media player or skype)
> > application assigning the media.role variable, I want the Audio Manager
> or
> > Routing system (to which the other applications like skype and media
> player
> > register) to manage assignment of this variable..
> >
> > C) I have a question in this regard. I have listed it below.
> >
> > So "*if I can keep the Module-role-cork running by adding it to the
> > default.pa <http://default.pa> file, I hope that assignment of the media
> > role variable will take care of priority (what is to be corked and
> > uncorked).*" -- Is this assumption right ??
> Yes.
> > D) So the module intent to write has the following aim :-
> >
> >      Based on the Audio Manager or routing mechanism status, media.role
> > priority of the particular audio stream needs to be assigned..
> Exactly.
> > *E) I have a few doubts in my mind abt the way in which the module can be
> > called*. In your reply, you have mentioned that the module can call and
> > consult the Audio Manager. Is the other way possible. In order words,
> >
> > *Is their by any chance the module can loaded from my routing mechanism
> > code itself.. *
> >
> > From the simple test I could carry out, the command line arguments for
> this
> > prioritizing functionality seems to go like this
> >   "*pactl load-module <module-name>*". Is there by any chance I can load
> > these modules from a C++ program.
> pactl is a normal pulseaudio client. Whatever pactl does you can do too
> using the C API: http://freedesktop.org/software/pulseaudio/doxygen/
> > F) I also tried to carry out a few simple test to check how the routing
> > works in pulse audio when media player is playing when a phone call over
> > skype arrives.. But in ubuntu 12.10, the MODULE-ROLE-CORK command doesnt
> > seem to working. I am using pulseaudio 2.0.
> >
> > I had tried in ubuntu 12.04 LTS. the module "MODULE-CORK-MUSIC-ON-PHONE"
> > seems to be working good for me (pulseaudio 1.1). *Is that I should
> upgrade
> > to the latest ubuntu version 13.10 and check..*
> module-cork-music-on-phone was renamed to module-role-cork in 2.0.
> > G) The command format I used in pulseaudio 2.0 to load the
> > "module-role-cork" is like this
> >
> > *    pactl load-module module-role-cork trigger_roles="phone"
> > cork_roles="video"*
> >
> >     Is this the right way to do this..
> The right way to do what? If you want to load module-role-cork with
> pactl, then yes, that's the way to do it.
> --
> Tanu
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