[pulseaudio-discuss] Patch review status wiki page updated

Alexander E. Patrakov patrakov at gmail.com
Thu Nov 28 22:20:57 PST 2013

Tanu Kaskinen wrote:
> Patch review status updated:
> http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/PulseAudio/Documentation/User/Software/PulseAudio/PatchStatus/ 
> I started collecting some statistics about the patch queue, I'll copy 
> that bit here too:
> * 2013-11-29:
> * 61 patches are pending review (not counting the "in a github branch" 
> patches).
> * The oldest pending patch is 135 days old.

Let me try changing this by providing a review.

Resampler implementations

From: poljar (Damir Jelić)
Submission date: 2013-09-06(?)
In a github branch: 

My review: justification for this work is currently missing. I would 
expect some comparisons with the existing resamplers to be posted on the 
mailing list, or, if they were posted already, a link to be added to the 
patch review page.

As I have already expressed, we should aim either for one perfect 
feature-complete resampler, or a small number plus a technical document 
justifying (a) the tradeoffs that are at play here and (b) why these 
tradeoffs should be exposed to the user.

In other words: if one of the added resamplers is strictly better than 
e.g. speex, then add it and drop speex. If speex is strictly better than 
one of the added resamplers, drop that resampler. If no resampler is 
strictly better than the other, document this and document whether 
pulseaudio has enough information to make a decision automatically in 
each case.

Alexander E. Patrakov

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