[pulseaudio-discuss] Transporting sound from 'mpd' server to laptop

Thomas Martitz kugel at rockbox.org
Sat Oct 19 21:33:45 CEST 2013

Am 19.10.2013 19:53, schrieb Paul LeoNerd Evans:
>   4) This mode accumulates latency. One of the reasons I wanted to avoid
>      icecast is because of the near-3second latency that happens between
>      the play/pause button on mpd, and the sound on the speakers.
>      Initially this pulseaudio tunnel is near-instant, though any sort
>      of network upset causes it to stutter into a latency it never
>      recovers, so after several hours it could be many seconds latent. I
>      once stopped timing it after 30 seconds of latency and just
>      restarted it.

Yea, this is one of the most annoying properties of this set up. It is 
really annoying since it's almost a given over wifi.

I guess to recover from intermittent latency increases you would need to 
skip some audio data which is as hearable as the drop that caused the 
latency increase in the first place. To avoid that you'd have to disable 
latency increase entirely. I can imagine a solution where you increase 
the playback speed (and pitch) slightly to recover but I don't think 
that's implemented.

So while I find the latency accumulation hugely annoying as well I don't 
know a way out with the current code. But I would love to see this fixed.

Best regards.

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