[pulseaudio-discuss] Trying HSP support in current git

Chris Mason clm at fb.com
Thu Dec 11 10:58:25 PST 2014

Hi everyone,

I've compiled the current git sources to try out the new HSP supoprt.  
When I run pactl list, I get this:

Card #3
	Name: bluez_card.48_C1_AC_AD_38_DE
	Driver: module-bluez5-device.c
	Owner Module: 27
		device.description = "PLT M55"
		device.string = "48:C1:AC:AD:38:DE"
		device.api = "bluez"
		device.class = "sound"
		device.bus = "bluetooth"
		device.form_factor = "headset"
		bluez.path = "/org/bluez/hci0/dev_48_C1_AC_AD_38_DE"
		bluez.class = "0x240404"
		bluez.alias = "PLT_M55"
		device.icon_name = "audio-headset-bluetooth"
		device.intended_roles = "phone"
		headset_head_unit: Headset Head Unit (HSP/HFP) (sinks: 1, sources: 1, 
priority: 20, available: no)
		a2dp_sink: High Fidelity Playback (A2DP Sink) (sinks: 1, sources: 0, 
priority: 10, available: yes)
		off: Off (sinks: 0, sources: 0, priority: 0, available: yes)
	Active Profile: a2dp_sink
		headset-output: Headset (priority: 0, latency offset: 0 usec, 
			Part of profile(s): headset_head_unit, a2dp_sink
		headset-input: Headset (priority: 0, latency offset: 0 usec, not 
			Part of profile(s): headset_head_unit

Which is almost great, but doesn't show the HSP mode as available.  
Sound works, but the microphone doesn't.  I must be missing something 


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