[pulseaudio-discuss] *bundle* raop sink with headphone and set it as the primary speaker

SGT. Garcia darwinskernel at gmail.com
Sun Dec 14 08:20:44 PST 2014

roap, par its lag, seems to be stable enough for me and i would like to set
it's speaker as the default sink. couple of question here:

1) how do i get module-raop-sink to load by default and stay the main sound
   i have this in /etc/pulse/system.pa:
   load-module module-raop-sink server=air protocol=UDP

   but no luck apparently. once that works i need to know how to set the
   raop-sink as 0.

2) how do i *bundle* (not the prefered nomenclateur perhaps) raop and
   headphone in the same sink without unbundling it from machine's
   speakers? that is, i would like the output to switch to headphone
   whenever it's plugged in.

SGT. Garcia

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