[pulseaudio-discuss] GSoC 2014 call for ideas

Thomas Martitz kugel at rockbox.org
Fri Feb 7 09:09:10 PST 2014

Am 07.02.2014 17:59, schrieb Luis de Bethencourt:
> Are there enough mentors? Just checking before I consider offering 
> myself.
> Cheers,
> Luis
>     - Write a virtual sound card for win32. I.e. a sound card for
>     applications to stream to (or record from) but which loops back
>     into PA. This would allow non-PA-aware apps to go through PA,
>     quite similarly to the alsa-pulseaudio plugin. winesd has started
>     such a project so it might be a give a starting point for
>     potential students. I think the lack of such a virtual sound card
>     hugely limits the usefulness of PA on win32.

Are you  considering as a mentor or student to my proposed project, or 
just gsoc in general?

I will not montor if you're asking that.

Best regards

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