[pulseaudio-discuss] how to map equalizer to arbitrary device

Malte Gell malte.gell at gmx.de
Wed Feb 12 17:52:48 CET 2014

Hi there,

I have enabled the pulseaudio EQ, this gives me 2 new output devices:

FFT based equalizer on Internal Audio Analog Stereo

LADSPA Plugin Multiband EQ on Internal Audio Analog Stereo

I would like to use the EQ with my bluetooth headphone, so how do I map
the EQ to the bluetooth device? I would like to have a output device
named like "FFT based equlizer on Philips SHB9100", how do I get it?

And why are there 2 EQ devices, FFT based EQ and LADSPA, what is the
difference between them?


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