[pulseaudio-discuss] RFC: New volume functionality for PulseAudio

Tanu Kaskinen tanu.kaskinen at linux.intel.com
Mon Feb 17 10:17:32 PST 2014

On Mon, 2014-02-17 at 12:46 +0200, Tanu Kaskinen wrote:
> On Mon, 2014-02-17 at 16:06 +0530, Arun Raghavan wrote:
> > > I'm not completely clear what you're trying to achieve with volume
> > > control objects right now - are you just trying to fix the balance
> > > problem, or ...? I see the point you're making about the potential
> > > applicability of associating multiple volume controls with a single
> > > device, but I'd like to understand what you'll be solving with the
> > > patch set you'd be submitting with this infrastructure.


> Out of curiosity, what do you mean by "associating multiple volume
> controls with a single device"? I don't remember mentioning multiple
> volume controls per device, unless you mean the idea of having a debug
> mode with access to alsa mixer volume elements etc.

Never mind, I now realized that you probably referred to the N9 volume
model, where each output device has two volumes: "call" and "everything


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