[pulseaudio-discuss] raop no sound

hamann.w at t-online.de hamann.w at t-online.de
Sun Jan 12 05:28:04 PST 2014

I am running a somewhat oldish opensuse installation.
Since recently there is an apple airport available on the network, with wired access
(it is configured to offer wlan to guests)
I wanted to try that and so changed the pulseaudio from .9.12 to .9.15 and built
the missing module (which suse does not ship normally)

I can load the module
pactl load-module module-raop-sink server=
and some network activity is going on. The output appears in pavucontrol

I tried to follow the network exchanges, they seem to make sense and
follow documents I have found on the net, with one difference: I could net see
crypto stuff coming back from the device

actually ANNOUNCE, SETUP, RECORD, and SET_PARAMETER are sent in this
order and all get an OK response.

At that time pulseaudio decides that there is currently no sound, and breaks the connection.
When I start playing sound a moment later, nothing happens.

Is this a problem related to the early version (in that case: is it possible to upgrade
PA without reinstalling most of the system ... e.g. dependencies on alsa version)
or is the raop module simply incompatible with airports that ship today


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