[pulseaudio-discuss] 'Failed to find a working profile' for firewire sound devices

Takashi Sakamoto o-takashi at sakamocchi.jp
Sun Jan 12 17:51:33 PST 2014

Hi Alexander,

 > AFAIK PulseAudio always uses this flag.

I've made it clear in my previous mail.

 > No. I have deleted the table from my reply, but it looks like there
 > are  two issues here. First, the needed conversions depend on the
 > sample rate. Second, they vary between models and depend on hardware
 > switches.

I agree with your analysis for this issue.

 > Is it really true that your hardware accepts two playback
 > channels at 192 kHz, but has no way, at the register level, to accept
 > two playback channels at lower rates?

I cannot understand what you asked. Would you explain your intent for 
this question?
I have already explain about relationships between channels/rate which 
the devices supports.

 > For the second problem, I think, it is possible (but not necessarily
 > a good idea) to have per-model and maybe per-switch-position
 > configuration files. See how it is done in the cmipci driver (grep
 > for SWIEC, look for the alternative configuration file with SWIEC in
 > the name).

I'm a bit negative for this idea when considering about how much work it 
takes for me. If the number of devices which my drivers support was 20 
or less, I would have consider about it. But they support much devices 
than you expected.


Takashi Sakamoto
o-takashi at sakamocchi.jp

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