[pulseaudio-discuss] A2DP as default bluetooth profile?

Tanu Kaskinen tanu.kaskinen at linux.intel.com
Thu Jul 17 02:05:31 PDT 2014

On Tue, 2014-07-15 at 07:56 -0400, Peter Hurley wrote:
> I've disabled the HSP/HSP bluetooth profiles in bluez so that it
> only supports A2DP. Unfortunately, this causes module-bluetooth-device
> to select the 'Off' profile, even when the A2DP sink state is connected.
> How do I configure pulseaudio so that A2DP is the default profile for
> devices discovered by module-bluetooth-discover?  Or optionally, how
> do I convince module-bluetooth-device to select the next lower priority
> profile instead of "Off"?

I don't think the "off" profile is the highest priority profile (but
please check with "pactl list cards" - it will list the card profiles
and their priorities). It seems likely that activating the a2dp profile
doesn't work at the time module-bluetooth-device is loaded.

If you set the card profile to something else than "off", pulseaudio
should remember that choice, and the next time the bluetooth device is
loaded, the previously selected profile should get selected regardless
of the profile priorities. If that's not happening, then there's
certainly some issue during the initial loading of
module-bluetooth-device. What version of pulseaudio do you have? In 4.0
there was code added that should handle situations where the uuids of
the device (i.e. supported bluetooth profiles) come late from the

> Also, how do I set module properties? For example, module-bluetooth-discover
> looks at "bluetooth.hsp.auto.connect" but I can't find any documentation
> explaining how to set that?

There's no generic way to set properties. For this property
particularly, I don't know what it is or what it does, so I don't know
how to set it either. The property doesn't exist in the current code.


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