[pulseaudio-discuss] Pulse trouble after a while

Jason Steigler drsteigler at gmail.com
Thu Jul 31 10:12:18 PDT 2014


I've been using pulseaudio on my Debian Wheezy system (with the stock
version, not the backport or a newer version, yet).  I use a player that
uses the ALSA pulse plugin to play to the pulseaudio daemon.  This works
great and was very simple to setup.

The player keeps playing for as long as it wants.  I can have the player
use ALSA directly, but for a particular configuration I'm working with I
have multiple systems and using pulseaudio over the network to play to the
main system with speakers.  This works pretty well, except after a while
something goes wrong.  I have one system that plays background music
continuously, and eventually it appears that the pulseaudio daemon has some
trouble.  Specifically I see "pulsecore/protocol-native.c: Failed to push
data into queue" repeated very quickly.  The timing before it fails is many
hours.  I usually start it up, and nearly 24 hours later the problem pops
up again (I don't have exact timing before it fails, but can try to get it
if that is important).

I admit that I haven't googled around enough yet to know what this means
yet, or if it has been fixed.  Is this something that has been fixed?
 Maybe my player isn't doing something correctly, so any ideas that I can
look at here might be useful.  The player opens the output (which on the
system it's on uses the pulse plugin, configured to use the main system's
pulseaudio daemon), and leaves it open and keeps playing to it (mainly for
gapless playback).  It handles converting all input audio to a target
rate/bit depth too, so it doesn't need to reconfigure the output.

Thanks for any help!

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