[pulseaudio-discuss] recording from Built-in Audio too slow

mattes pa at mykmk.com
Fri Mar 28 20:27:32 PDT 2014

Trying to record audio that is already playing on the system.
E.g. live conference.  For Recording is use gnome-sound-recorder or 
audio-recorder, which by default records from the mic input. 
Using pavucontrol as a helper, I switch the under the recording tab
to the 'Monitor of Built-in Audio Analog Stereo' to get access to the internal
audio channel.

It works, but there is a nasty side effect. When playing back the recorded
sound clip, I noticed  that the pitch is different. As it turns out the clip
is playing in slomo, roughly 10%+ slower. Enuff to be annoying. It seems
that playback time is longer than the actually recording time.

I switch to a different recorder, but no change the problem still evident.

One thing I noticed is that, the slow down does not occur when I record e.g.
from microphone. Starting the recording from the MIC input and then switching
during the recording to 'Monitor of Built-in Audio', shows that the slowdown
start when the switch happens.

The laptop is running Fedora 19. close to be uptodate

Any advice how this can be fixed?


this way I get access to the

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