[pulseaudio-discuss] pulseaudio a2dp disconnect problem

Eytan Naim neytan at marvell.com
Thu Aug 13 05:35:31 PDT 2015

Hi Tanu,

Thanks for the reply.

I think that the loopback module shouldn’t be unloaded each time steaming stops for the simple reason that it is loaded when connection is established, and not when streaming starts.

I get all kind of PulseAudio problems, for example in the example below, PulseAudio success to stream in the start, but after pausing and playing again PulseAudio act differently.

- It looks like PulseAudio has problem to handle changing connection state or something.

The below log was produced by the following steps:

a)      connection establishment

b)      streaming session

c)       stop from remote device

d)      unloading loopback module

e)      toggling streaming start/stop without PulseAudio suitable response

f)       pacmd failure for long time (more then 3-4 minutes). – so it’s probably not a dbus thing.

Please notice that each time I try a test, something a little different happens- but it always has to do with modules unloading/PulseAudio doesn’t response

I know the log is a little long, but the important part as I see it start around line ~443.

Thanks, Eytan.

pulse at OpenWrt:/$

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On Wed, 2015-08-12 at 09:36 +0000, Eytan Naim wrote:

> Hi,

> I'm hoping I could get help me because I have searched the web twice

> and still not sure what to do.

> I'm trying to enable PulseAudio as an a2dp sink which seems to work

> fine on start, until I pause the audio app momentarily on the source

> device.

> After that,  instead of connection should be idle or something,

> PulseAudio unload his Bluetooth loopback module as seen below. And it

> seems that this disconnection event is triggered by Bluetoothd itself,

> but I assume that the problem is with PulseAudio.

The PA log is not as verbose as it could be (use -vv to get the full debug output), which makes it harder to know what exactly is happening, but my guess is that unloading the loopback module doesn't indicate any issue. When the streaming pauses, PulseAudio changes the bluetooth card profile to off, which unloads the source, which in turn causes the loopback module to get unloaded. Perhaps PulseAudio shouldn't switch the card profile to off, but probably it should.

> After that PulseAudio seem somehow zombie, I can only kill him with

> kill command (ctrl+c doesn't work).

I suppose pactl can't connect to the daemon either?

You could run PA under gdb, and get a backtrace when it gets stuck. My guess would be that it's stuck in some synchronous D-Bus call to bluetoothd (the last log message is about setting up the streaming again). D-Bus calls should eventually terminate with a timeout, though

- is PA stuck for more than a minute?



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